Review of Galaxy S10 Plus: Worth it to Buy or Not?

Samsung celebrated its tenth anniversary in the smartphone market with its Galaxy S lineup. They were able to launch four units, the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10 Plus. Let’s take a quick look at the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Review of Galaxy S10 Plus Worth it to Buy or Not

Design Of Galaxy S10 Plus

This device’s 6.4-inch screen looks bigger than it really is. Samsung has once again proven that they are still a force in the bezel-less market. This device boasts a dynamic screen-to-body ratio.

It is not as impressive, however, as the in-display Ultrasonic Sensor which is superior to any other under-display sensor currently available. This could be the South Korean OEM’s solution to the unique FaceID on the latest generation Apple iPhones.

The notch was also unique in that it had a hole punch. The notch placement makes it more obvious, which beats the implementation of the same notch on many other devices, including the iPhones.

Corning GG6 and GG5 lenses protect these glasses from scratches and breakage. The S10 Plus can be ordered in ceramic.

It is impossible to talk about the next level of design for this device without actually seeing it in action.

Configurations of Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung is known for being the king in configurations, and their S10 Plus proves that. Samsung has made it possible to access the internals in all variants of 8GB/ 128GB or 8GB/512GB. No other OEM offers such a broad range of options as this OEM.

We love that the S10 Plus offers microSD card expansion of up to 1TB. But, this would only be possible for the dual SIM model.

The Galaxy S10 Plus will come with either the Exynos 9920 chipset or the Qualcomm SD 855 powerhouse. We know the latter would be more efficient because it is made on the 7nm process. But, this will depend on your location.

Camera of Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung has not made any significant improvements to the Galaxy S7 era. The Galaxy S10 Plus still offers the same 12MP main sensor, but with some tweaks. Apart from the main sensor, the Galaxy S10 Plus includes a 12MP Telephoto lens and an extra 16MP camera for ultra-wide angle photography.

The selfie units also have a dual 10MP/8MP lens, which can be used for wide-angle functions. They are capable of recording 2160p videos at 30fps.

Battery of Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung was conservative with their battery usage in the past, due to the Galaxy Note 7 fire incident. But they’ve improved. This ensures that we get as high as 4100mAh on the model, which is impressive for a Samsung phone.

The battery supports 15W fast charging, which is not nearly as powerful as the Note 10 series’ 45W. It can also wirelessly charge other units at 9W. This is a great option for smaller electronics that have wireless charging capabilities, such as earbuds.

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