Top 5 Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Notes and notebook apps are some of the many applications that most people use regularly. Most people are happy with the default notes app that is pre-installed on their phones. This eliminates the need to use other apps and can be used to save your notes.

Many people use notes to quickly recall important information that they don’t want to forget. Although virtual note apps are good at inserting new notes, they can be very difficult to keep track of them and are not very efficient at organizing or facilitating user life. Anyone who uses these note programs, even if they are not often, will see that they are a much better choice.

Top 5 Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Google Keep

When people talk about Google, there is one thing they all share: the basic truth. No matter how much you like the company, there’s no doubt it’s one the best. Google’s interconnected services, simple and efficient designs make them very popular. Keep is the most popular note app available, thanks to its excellent design and direct linking with a Google Account.

Simply Keep has everything you need. You can create task lists and take written, illustrated, or voice notes. It also supports notes labels, which makes it even more special. It allows you to create custom labels and attach them to your notes to make it easy to find them later. This makes it easier to organize your notes into groups.

Although Keep Notes’ features are limited in some options, they are all available within the app with other features. You can link the app to your Google Account so you can navigate between different accounts. Notes associated with one account won’t reach another.

You can also sync the app automatically. For example, when you purchase a new smartphone, all you need is to log in to your Google Account. This will allow you to locate all of your notes automatically.

Features of Google Note

  • Google Keep allows you to add notes, lists, and photos. Are you short on time? You are short on time? Keep a voice note and Keep will transcribe it for you.
  • Plan surprise parties easily by sharing your Keep Notes with others and working together in real-time.
  • Get what you need quickly
  • Add labels and color to codes notes for a quick organization and speedy access to your life. A simple search can help you find the item you have saved.
  • Always at your fingertips
  • Stay connected to your smartphone, tablet, computer, and Android wearables. All of the information you add to your devices syncs so that your thoughts are always with your.
  • The right note at just the right moment
  • Do you need to remind yourself to get groceries? You can set a reminder based on your location to have your grocery list ready for you when you arrive at the store.
  • All available

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is the perfect notebook software if you don’t want to use Google services. OneNote has many great features that allow you to make notes and arrange and sort them in the way you want. It is also available on multiple platforms so your notes are always with you. You won’t have to worry about losing them. You can access your OneNote notes from anywhere you are using the OneNote app.

Features of Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes

Capture Content And Get Organized
• Write notes, draw and clip things from the web to get your thoughts down into your notebook.
• Use OneNote’s flexible canvas to place content anywhere you want.
• Scan documents and business cards straight into OneNote.
• Save pictures and images to your notes.

Take Notes And Achieve More
• OneNote is a digital notebook that brings 3-ring binders to the digital era.
• Organize notes with sections and pages to separate thoughts by theme at school, home, or work.
• Organize your notes using to-do lists, follow-up items, marks for what’s important and custom labels.
• Use OneNote as a notebook, journal or notepad.

Save Ideas At The Speed of Light
• OneNote syncs your notes across all devices and lets multiple people work on the content together, at the same time.
• Use the notepad to list your thoughts down whenever something crosses your mind.
• Notepad badge hovers on screen and lets you quickly write your thoughts down at any time.
• Sticky notes are helpful for quick memos.

Collaborate and Share Notes
• Take meeting notes, brainstorm projects, draw attention to important points and organize key resources.
• Collaborate in real-time to stay in sync and on the same page.
• Take notes and save ideas across your favorite devices, no matter what device your team likes to use.
• Take notes during classes or meetings, mixing in text, voice, ink, and web clippings.
• Search your notes with a fast and powerful search function

Better Together With Microsoft Office
• OneNote is part of the Office family and works great with your favorite apps, such as Excel or Word, to help you do more.


Evernote is the most well-known of all the names on this list. Evernote was launched before many other apps and was a popular choice for many users in its early years. This was due to sync, which was unique at the time. While other apps have grown in features, Evernote’s feedback functions have fallen back.

Evernote is free at the moment, but it’s not convincing if you don’t want to upgrade to the paid version. Although it is easy to use and has a great design, many of its best features are hidden behind purchase categories that start at $ 35 per annum. If you don’t have the budget to spend on Evernote, the best option is to use the two above options. They are clearly better than the free version.

Features of Evernote

• Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, and to-do lists.
• Clip interesting articles and web pages to read or use later.
• Add different types of content to your notes: text, docs, PDFs, sketches, photos, audio, web clippings, and more.
• Use your camera to scan and organize paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, and handwritten notes.

• Manage your to-do list with Tasks—set due dates and reminders, so you never miss a deadline.
• Connect Evernote and Google Calendar to bring your schedule and your notes together.
• See your most relevant information instantly on the Home dashboard.
• Create separate notebooks to organize receipts, bills, and invoices.
• Find anything fast—Evernote’s powerful search can even find text in images and handwritten notes.

• Sync your notes and notebooks automatically across any Chromebook, phone, or tablet.
• Start work on one device and continue on another without missing a beat.

• Keep a journal to keep your thoughts organized.
• Go paperless by scanning receipts and important documents.

• Keep everyone up to date by capturing meeting notes and sharing notebooks with your team.
• Bring people, projects, and ideas together with shared Spaces.

• Keep track of lecture notes, exams, and assignments so you don’t miss important details.
• Create notebooks for each class and keep everything organized.

Standard Notes

Standard Notes
Standard Notes
Developer: Standard Notes
Price: Free

Standard Notes is an easy-to-use private note app. It securely syncs all of your notes across all devices, including Android, iOS, Linux and the Web.
Your private notes are encrypted from the beginning, meaning that only you can access them. We can’t even read the contents of your notes.

It does one job well and does it simply. Standard Notes provides a secure and reliable place to store your life’s work. Our goal is to make it simple to take notes from wherever you are and to sync them with encryption to all of your devices.

Features of Standard Notes

  • Personal Notes
  • Tasks & Todos
  • Passwords & Keys
  • Code & Technical Procedures
  • Private Journal
  • Meeting Notes
  • Cross-platform Scratchpad
  • Books, Recipes, & Movies
  • Health & Fitness Log

Zoho Notebook

This simple and elegant note-taking app will help you be more productive. Available for Android, iOS, and Mac. You can also use web clippers to view and take notes on Chrome, Firefox Safari, Safari, Edge, and Edge. Register at for online viewing and taking notes.

Features of NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync

  • Write notes. Start with a text, add images, checklists, and audio, all in the same text note.
  • Create checklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklist note.
  • Record voice notes with the audio note.
  • Capture moments using the dedicated photo note.
  • Scan documents and business cards.
  • Attach Microsoft documents, PDF, and other files.


Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free

Simplenote allows you to easily take notes, make to-do lists, record ideas, and much more. You can then open it and jot down your thoughts. You can organize your collection with pins and tags, or use instant search to find what you are looking for. Simplenote syncs across all your devices free of charge so your notes are always with you.

Features of Simplenote

  • A simple, note taking experience
  • Sync everything across all your devices
  • Collaborate and share
  • Stay organized with tags
  • Log in with your email or account