5nm Chip for Wearables: Samsung Introduces in Upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 Series

Because we live in an advanced world, we all require fast and reliable products. We have high expectations and demand the best on the market. Samsung’s Exynos processor is now available in the Samsung smartwatches.


Samsung Exynos W920 Processor

Samsung announced the Exynos W920 processor to power future wearables. Samsung claims that the Exynos W920 processor is the first to use a 5-nanometer (nm), ultra-violet process (EUV), and an LTE modem.

Exynos W920 processor includes two Arm Cortex A55 cores. Arm Mali-G68 GPU offers enhanced graphics and CPU performance. For wearable graphics, the new processor is 20x faster than its predecessor.

It allows for faster application launches and a 3D user interface.

Exynos W920 processor includes two Arm Cortex A55 cores as well as an Arm Mali G68 graphics card.

Harry Cho, vice-president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics spoke about the Exynos W920. Smartwatches are not just fashionable gadgets, he said. Smartwatches have become an integral part of our daily lives, keeping us safe, alert, healthy, and active. The Exynos W920’s future wearables will feature visually appealing interfaces, responsive user experiences, and the ability for mobile connectivity via fast LTE.

This system-on-chip includes the Exynos W920 power management IC (PMIC), as well as LPDDR4 embedded multimedia cards (eMMC). Although it can store large batteries, the system-on-chip still looks sleek.

The new Always-on Display functionality will be added. To reduce the display power consumption, this will activate Cortex-M55, a low-power processor.

It supports a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem, as well as a Global Navigation Satellite System L1(GNSS) which allows for distance, speed, and elevation tracking while outdoors. The new smartwatch OS was created by Samsung and Google. It will work with the chip.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series powered by the Samsung Exynos W920 is set to launch globally at today’s Galaxy Unpacked event at 7:30 p.m. IST.

The Exynos W920 smartphone is fast, efficient and LTE-capable.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced its Exynos W920 wearable CPU. This processor includes an LTE modem and is the first to utilize an advanced 5-nanometer ultraviolet process node (EUV). It delivers the power and efficiency required for next-generation wearable devices.

Smartwatches such as smartwatches are more than just fashionable gadgets. They have become an integral part of our lives, keeping us safe, alert, & fit.” stated Harry Cho, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. The Exynos W920’s future wearables will have more intuitive interfaces and better user experiences. They can also keep you connected via fast LTE. “

Samsung’s Exynos W920 is the latest offering. It features a 5nm EUV technology that allows for next-generation wearable devices. Two Arm(r) Cortex(r), A55 cores are included in the Exynos W920, which provides high-performance and energy-efficient processing. The Exynos W920 also features an Arm Mali ™-G68 GPU that boasts a 20% increase in CPU performance and ten-fold greater graphics performance than its predecessor. Exynos W920’s new cores and faster performance enable faster application launches and a more interactive 3D user experience (GUI) on a device with QHD (960×540).

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