5G Network: Dangerous Effect on Birds

Global corporations are spending their money like water to get 5G technology. Experts also say that man is pushing himself to make many deadly changes in this age. Technology is rapidly changing and we are now in an age where it doesn’t take long for technology to catch up. Many big companies of the world are shedding their money like water on 5G technology. Experts also say that man is pushing himself to make many dangerous changes in this race. Let’s find out which dangers could increase as a result.

5G Network Dangerous Effect on Birds

What is 5G?

5G is now available for users who are using 4G on their phones and computers. Learn what 5G is and how it can change your life. If you are able to understand fat, the internet will run 100x faster on your phone after 5G. This technology is said to make the machine talk to you. It is essential that all devices support 5G. Your life will change if this happens. Scientists agree that 5G will be just as revolutionary for humans as the Mars mission. Imagine how you’ll feel when your car speaks to you. Or if it coordinates at a distance with the red light. He should be able to coordinate with all his sensors.

How 5G Network Effect on Birds

This technology, which is claimed to transform the world, is considered a serious threat to animals. This question is important because hundreds of birds were killed in 5G tests in the Netherlands. Recent news about the sudden deaths in excess of 100 birds quickly spread fast around the Netherlands. A website claims that around 297 birds died during 5G testing at The Hague. 150 of these birds died in the first few hours of testing. The effects of radiation from 5G were so strong that some unusual behavior was observed among ducks in nearby ponds. She was constantly submerged in the water and was able to come out of it.

According to this information, the radiofrequency radiation during 5G test was 7.40GHz. There is no official confirmation of this yet. Many cows had been seen in the spotlight during 5G testing elsewhere. A Swiss 5G test resulted in a sudden collapse of a herd. These dead birds have been tested in the lab by the Dutch Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority. The park where these birds died has been declared a strictly restricted area. It was closed immediately.

Peter Kalin (chairman of an NGO based in Holland) stated to a website, “Earlier, we were informed that microwaves did not pose a threat or danger to any living creature. Many doctors have warned about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation in 5G technology. It is rapidly absorbed into the skins of animals. This increases the likelihood of developing cancer. 5G promoters claim that 5G will improve data transfer speed and lower energy and financial expenses. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the highest radio frequency band.

The terror threat may rise

While technology like remote sensing is expected to see an increase in speed, 5G networks will make it possible for many areas to be covered, including space. In this situation, cyber experts located in large countries are able to easily gain access to the systems of small countries. The security of countries can be compromised and terrorist attacks may increase. This is why Japan, America, and North Korea are all taking extra care of 5G networks in order to ensure that they do not cause any major problems in the future.

It will have a significant impact on the health

As 5G networks are introduced, mobile towers will be more common. This will increase the frequency of the radio waves. The risk of radiation-induced health problems will arise in such an environment. Experts agree that RF should be considered a security issue.

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